Creating and keeping good Health and Wellness habits is one of the biggest challenges of being on quarantine.  It is also known that the lack of physical exercises can lead to several issues that can lead to obesity,  depression, high blood pressure and so on.

Another fact is that we all feel the need of connection, and most of the times, group exercises is more effective.

That's why we built Just Gym. A platform that people can get together to workout, motivating each other to keep going forward, even in the loneliness of a quarantine.

What it does

Users can connect to each other and form groups. Every group can decide what training set they will do. When ready, everyone will be connected in a conference run with their webcams on. The exercises will start, and users will be guided by with an example of the current exercise and a virtual coach. After every exercise, an algorithm calculates a score rating for every user of the group and shows the ranking. The group have access to historical ranking. and the current punctuation: this creates a healthy competition, motivating the group to continue.

How I built it

Our group is formed by 4 people with several skills, such as:

  • Business and negotiation
  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science

So we group up, and built the entire application: the backend systems, the frontend webapp, the rating system using digital image processing, ...

Challenges I ran into

We came with this fresh idea at April 9th, so we will have to run against time to build it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Building a solution in such a short amount of time
  • Thinking of a solution that can really have a positive impact on peoples life, specially on a difficult time like this.

What I learned

  • We need a lot of responsibility when thinking about a solution in times like this, when resources are scarce and there is so much going on.

What's next for Just Gym

  • Possibility of scheduling an workout with a group for a given period of time.
  • More types of exercises.
  • Make available to the users to build their own training set.
  • Adding more type of sports, such as yoga, Pilates, martial arts...
  • Public score



css3, elasticsearch, fastapi, html5, javascript, python, vuejs

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