Freedom having your own bank, con tactless payments, voting, bus tickets, communicating and payments without risk for virus and or central system collapse

What it does

This system provides you all in one hand device with personal:  :00 Smart phone device, camera, scanner, memory storage :01 BANK, ID, Licenses :04 Digital money  :03 E - Voting and referendum :04 Contact less Payments person to person, person to internet, person to terminal :05 Communication, File sharing, Documentation :06 Navigation, emergency, aid

How we built it

Using existing smart phones, ID cards and contact less payment systems, fiber optic cable communication systems combined with crystal to crystal instant communication, integrated all in one device . . . this will allow modern fast communication without use of mobile networks and use of 3G, 4G and 5G known to be triggering virus out brakes and triggering symptoms is our body and immune system similar and or identical to that of an virus infection . . .

Challenges we ran into

Integrating existing technologies in new device without risk for central system brake down

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Yet to be seen, good concept for ultimate individual freedom, deserving its place in our every day life

What we learned

Centralized systems brake down and and lack of individual freedom is our weakest link in modern society and especially when it is coming to fighting pandemics and spreading of various corona infections

What's next for KALEV - Hand device, Digital contact less Bank + ID + Money

Receiving funding and team consisting from devoted people becoming able bringing KALEV into reality, meaning synchronizing existing technologies combined in one new KALEV device, serving our society in creating cooperation, harmony and freedom, despite risk for pandemic infections and society brake down Hand device synchronized with smart phones . . . your Bank, ID and Money all in one device . . . person to person contact less payments, voting and messaging, free from centralized system brake down


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