Refused to give up and wait others to fix the situation, we tried to do our best in our capacity to create something that might help the situation. Hackathon is only the beginning, we will continue to realize the app :)

What it does

Kämpa! brings people together to fight coronavirus and minimize the negative impact for individuals, businesses and society, in an engaging way.  It also employs quantified self and citizen science to provide data that can be used by researcher in developing cure and vaccine, as well as by government in decision making and management.

  1. Help in slowing down spread: by increasing self-awareness, awareness of risk in surrounding area, encouraging people to make bulk order in  neighborhood collectively (decrease mobility in city)
  2. Protect vulnerable group and improve mental health:  by getting people in neighborhoods to protect and help each other, especially the ones who are in high-risk group, we aim to build stronger communities, and burst the bubbles.
  3. Support local business in an engaging way: by providing platform for people in neighborhood to make bulk order and pre-order products from local businesses,  in collective way. In exchange, they will get reward such as recognition, points, discount, vouchers and free products at our partner local store.
  4. Help scientist and researcher: by providing health data (anonymous) that can be used to help scientists and researcher in developing cure and  vaccines, and in some cases, it could be used by healthcare staff to monitor health condition of patients (not  anonymous, by consent).
  5. Help government: by providing health data (anonymous) that can be used to help the government in decision making and distribution  management.

How we built it

Java, Firebase, Google API, machine learning, Figma

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Kämpa!

Continue to develop design and prototype, user test, stakeholder engagement, MVP and release.



firebase, google-maps, java, machine-learning

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