We're in quarantine.  How do we let people know when to go to the hospital before it's too late?  People are asymptomatic until ARDS - Bilateral pneumonia which requires intubation.  With the biosensor we can keep people safely at home to prevent spread of the disease but when their respiratory status worsens we can bring thing into the hospital

What it does

The biosensor, about the size of a bandid, uses 3 ways to detect respiration.  If all three are not detecting respiration then 911 can be called to bring the patient to the hospital.  It uses BLE to to connect to the app.

How I built it

I took an arduino board, added an accelerometer, impedance sensor and an EMF generator to measure movement, muscle movement, and measure lung movement.  The BLE chip connects to the app rapidly over a minute and lasts for 5-7 days.  Programming the app to connect to BLE then using an algorithm to determine respiration I set the minimum for ventilation.  If the minimum threshold is not reach the app will ring the patient and if no answer can call 911 or family.

Challenges I ran into

Shrinking items down to the size of bandaid.  The Arduino became a PCB.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Shrinking it down and connecting the BLE firmware to the app

What I learned

Thinking outside of the box is successful.  Following what everyone else tells me is impossible is failure

What's next for Keep safe at home

Rapid production and implementation



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