Coronavirus is taking lives of the smartest and bravest people - our medical personnel!

News daily reporting from all over the globe...

UK: 'Living legend' doctor Alfa Saadu dies from Covid-19

France: First French hospital doctor dies of COVID-19

Indonesia: At least 18 doctors across Indonesia have died in the fight against COVID-19, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) said on Sunday.

Pakistan: According to data compiled by Anadolu Agency, at least 3,505 health workers in the region have tested positive for the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, while 789 medical staff are undergoing 14-day self-quarantines after suspected exposure.

Italy: By Friday, 74 had died since Italy recorded its first coronavirus death on Feb. 21. No other country – including China, where the pandemic began in December – has seen so many doctors succumb to the disease.

Spain: Doctors in Spain have complained of a lack of basic protective equipment as 514 people died with the virus in the country in a single day and the latest figures revealed that Spanish healthcare workers account for more than 13% of the country’s 39,673 cases

USA: A New Jersey doctor is the first emergency physician to die from coronavirus in the US

And the list goes on and being updated on daily bases...

Health care professionals, volunteers and citizens with a risk of contact with the COVID-19 infected person need to be trained on choice of proper protective clothing and use of personal protective equipment.

High risk of infection in case of deviation from the guidelines Personnel should have easy access to the qualification Immediate implementation required Nationwide supply to the qualification needed

High pressure on the health care system Limited capacity of trainers Logistics and efforts to ensure training nationwide Evaluation must be trustable

Qualification needs be done now  Qualification is needed everywhere and simultaneously Qualification process needs to follow a standard Qualification process should be easily repeatable

What it does

The training and simulation programme for personal computers and virtual reality devices enables training for any kind of user group. The solution provides safety education, training and assessment accessible to all target groups at any time and at any place. This approach helps to establish a seamless distribution of the content via internet up-to-date training material globally to every single hospital, simulation training facility and even family doctors office while increasing the range of the audience and the regularity of training.

How I built it

The ECDC guidelines direct the multimedia content. This is implemented through the Exonicus provided simulation platform that is an extension of the existing ‘Trauma Simulator’ package with relevant training scenarios. The professional and detailed description of the scenarios containing all process steps of the guidelines was done in direct consultation with epidemiologists and infective medicine medical specialists of the Riga Stradina University.

The scenarios are programmed and designed within the Unity 3D environment,

Training and simulation in Virtual Reality re-enforces teamwork and creates awareness for critical situations in collaborative scenarios.

The knowledge assessment and documentation of completed training will be done with a scoring system. In any case, a cycle for daily refreshment of knowledge will be implemented through an app with a reminder functionality especially for high risk groups such as healthcare professionals.

As is with many institutions, hospitals and clinics, the results of assessments and training can be performed online, logged as completed, and finalized with a certificate. An automated reporting of the certification to relevant state entries can also be deployed and with compliance to GDPR. The actual reporting solution only needs to be clarified and aligned with the policies of the involved parties.

The currently identified major scenarios are:

General disinfection procedures Selection of personal protective equipment Donning of personal protective equipment Removing (doffing) of personal protective equipment Proper disposal and/or decontamination of personal protective equipment Handling of contaminated objects and decreasing risks when in-contact with potentially infected items.

Challenges I ran into

Creation, collaboration and distribution of a high quality education simulation software in a highly regulated segment is extremely hard. Healthcare training and adoption of digital technologies are painfully conservative and slow. Bureaucracy and structure of healthcare systems, hospitals and universities are outdated and obsolete. Procurement of digital training aids even during state of emergency is same-old-good-slow as in "normal" times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of "braking the ice" and getting the Latvian government institutions involved and as getting support for the product in Republic of Latvia - the test bed of innovation in healthcare education:

Latvian Ministry of Health / Latvian Ministry of Economics / Latvian Ministry of Defence / Latvian Investment and Development Agency / SPCK - The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC) of Latvia / VUGD - State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia / NVD - National health care Service of Latvia / Rigas Stradins University Medical Education and Technology Center / Riga East University Hospital / P. Stradins Clinical University Hospital / Children's Clinical Hospital

What I learned

We learned that safety of our healthcare workers is a problem that has to be addressed right here and right now. This was confirmed by the top experts of the Latvian healthcare system during the local HackForce event 2 weeks ago.

Dr. Aleksejs Višņakovs, 18th March 2020

“I support the development and introduction of the training and simulation programme”

Expert TOP 3 HOT TOPICS for the hackathon, 18th March 2020

“I just received an incoming urgent message from a hospital doctor on what they would REALLY benefit from being developed as an app/tool/ whatever in this hackathon. Copying original request below:

Develop a platform, hospital for internal use, where each hospital intensive care beds are located, as well as reflected information about available places in the hospital…

Development of an application for placing information for medical professionals:

algorithms, recommendations for dressing/ undressing latest recommendations for diagnosis and treatment.”

What's next for PPE training to protect healthcare personnel from Covid-19

The Covid-19 PPE RED scenario version 1.0. for the desktop computer will be available through the online distribution platform Steam and communicated over social media platforms. The setup supports the concept of seamless and continuous education of the citizens at any place, at any time and on any device.




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