Challenge Nº 19: Crisis backlog - Identification & prioritization of necessities

General description of the solution

We propose a response of common problems affecting citizens, entrepreneurs, medical workers, authorities, among other, across an application which would be prioritize the problems according with the following criteria, analyze in one layer: Priority for the 1. Basic Needs, as physiological ones: food, water, shelter and we add also in this category medicines. If a basic need is involved, they should have the priority, as a life question. 2. Biosecurity, is no (basic needs) involve, the second step to analyze is if the action or problem represents a risk to the Biosecurity of the individual or to the community, related to get infected or infect other people.    In addition, two other categories are taking in consideration to prioritize a problem in another layer in parallel and are: Quality of the problem in the sense of time, is an urgent problem or not. For example, the problem is something that should have a solution in the next 24 hours, 48, one week, one month? should be use answer the question if the solution needs to be immediately (is urgent) or have any margin of postponement. And Quantity of the problem in the sense of how many people is affected for that situation, one individual or a group.  With those 2 criteria and 2 categories it is possible to give a quick universal response to the most of the problems arising in World Covid-19 2020 Crisis. Our solution is based on the reduction of the most important aspect need to take in consideration to solve quickly questions, under a solid basis, bringing guaranty in the decision maker process, helping the distribution of resources as human resources, material resources, medical support, etc.

Implementation options

The criteria that we explain before are the basis to implemented with Artificial Intelligence as the better option to maximized the benefit of the solution.  Other option more feasible include the option to develop a website, a new App, an addition to existents tool as Siri, SMS systems or a hotline. The mockup that we submitted exemplify the option to report problems informing the location in which they are, as an option that we add to our project.  We propose different possible login options:

  • Login as Citizens: they can do questions related his concerns during the crisis and get a quick answer as a recommendation to do, as example:  Can I go to Ticino during the holidays? The analysis of this problem follows our criteria, would be is any basial need involve: the answer is no. is a risk for the biosecurity: the answer is yes, conclusion: no, you cannot do it. It is not a real problem that need be reported now. I don’t have pasta to buy in my near supermarket.The App should ask if do you have other product which can replace the caloric consumption of pasta able? If the answer is yes, is not a basic need involve. The recommendation would be replacing the product for something else and consider the biosecurity that you can be expose going to far away supermarket unnecessarily. Here as citizen they are submitting information that ca be useful for the supermarket and the authorities to know about the stock of product able.
  • Login as Member of Institution: for that we propose to ask for an institutional e-mail to be sure that this person belong to an official institution and take the information submitted with more veracity as the one for the normal citizens:    I have problems with the payment of my salary. The first assessment is if a basic need is involved, the answer is yes. It is a problem which need to be solve. Now the other criteria can be use, if the person have other incomes and how many people are under his responsibility. Now this person can get the update information giving by the authorities related to solutions on that and also the option to link it to the social security.    I feel me not able to go to work because I am seek or I have Asma and I feel me more likely to develop Covid-19. It is a basic need involve, eventually yes if this person lost the job. It is a biosecurity question, yes, because of the risk of the infection. That mean that the problem has a priority, come inside the category of problem, and the person can be get the last update information about labour law and the crisis, and be sure about his right in those cases and his obligation to the employer.  I´m member of a pharmacy or a hospital and we don’t have enough equipment. It is a risk of a basic needs? No, it is a risk of the biosecurity? Yes. The information submitted for an accredited member can help the authorities to take decision.
  • Login as Entrepreneurs: they can be link to the commerce register to ensure the right login.    I have a problem to get my good by the supplier. The first assessment in this case is if the life of the company is involved, understood as the basic need of the company I don’t have cash to do the payment of the salaries of my employees. It is a basic need involve, yes, the payment of the employees it is. The answer could be the link to the loans options that the government are bringing to help companies to be informed properly. Can I open my shop? It is a basic need involve? Depends if the no open of the shop could be threat the existence of the company. They have or not on line sale options? Probably some link to help this companies to start on line sale. It is a risk to the biosecurity? How many people are threat to lost the job?

Benefits of the solution

Change the behavior of the people considering biosecurity. The idea to bring an option to all the people to answer problems is to highlight the importance to the assessment of the problem with a new risk, which arise and start with the Covid-19, the biosecurity, and help the people to take the right decision to don’t be expose to unnecessary risk to get infected or spread these virus or other bio-threats. This solution may help to change the behavior without the imposition of more restrictive measures affecting the freedom of movement of everybody in our country.

Mapping of the problems in the country. The data collected by the technological tool could be useful to do the mapping about the most common problems facing by the people in Switzerland, helping future strategies made by the authorities to face new crisis or to face the recover after. We propose different login options and the classification of the information submitted will be depend on that.


We want to bring an answer, solution or information to the users helping to take decisions and prioritize his problems. In addition, we want to educate the users in order to consider the biosecurity in a daily basis risk assessment during the crisis, highlighting his importance to prevent get infected. As a parallel aim, we see the possibility to collect the information by the authorities to help prevent some situations and improve the reaction capacity.  We have concern about the issue of the access of the data collected by all the people as problematic, because that can spread unnecessary fear or make undesirable reactions of the market.


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