Niche local brands, without physical selling-points, lose a lot of revenue and outreach to their customers due to the ongoing crisis. These brands might not have the capacity for major online marketing or e-commerce. It is not a solution for them to enter the already existing bigger marketplaces, as it can deteriorate the identity of a niche brand. We wish to highlight these local, niche brands and help them thrive during (and after) the ongoing crisis. This would also allow customers to connect with and support their local brands without having to leave their house.

What is Købstad?

Købstad wants to become the new favorite place for users who want to explore local niche brands, while not having to move outside of their home. Købstad aims to preserve the atmosphere of going to the local shop around the corner, where users can find handcrafted design, art and jewelry. As Købstads in Denmark historically have been the location where niche businesses thrived now the renaissance for them has arrived into the digital world. It will be free for users and free for brands. Købstad will get a finders fee based on a contact between buyers and sellers such as phone call, traffic to webite, e-mail etc.

The focus is on location as we believe many Danes can have a specific affectional value buying from a specific place in the country, while not having to drive to that location. Our goal is to connect customers with the local niche brands in their neighbourhood, online.

We are here for the small brands. The creative souls who do not want to spend time on online marketing can utilize our user friendly website so it would take less than 10 minutes to set up from their smartphone for free. Making it so easy that they can’t afford not to sign up.

What we have so far

During the Hack the Crisis Denmark hackathon, the idea for Købstad was born. Our team built a prototype for the platform that can serve as an inspirational universe where niche local brands are highlighted. The prototype illustrates how the platform would look on both desktop and mobile.

We also did some outreach to niche brands in Copenhagen and found 3 brands that showed great interest in the platform, and would want to be a part of it when it launches.

How will Købstad help local brands?

Købstad will give more exposure to smaller local brands during the current crisis, which might help give them more revenue than they otherwise would have gotten. The brands can sign up to the platform for free, so there is no financial risk involved. They will also benefit from being a part of a platform with other niche brands, since the platform has the capacity to reach a broader audience by a strong focus on SEO.

Being a part of Købstad will also be beneficial after the crisis has ended, since the brands will have to work on getting back the sales that they might have lost during the crisis.

What’s next?

The next phase of the project would be to build the website that was prototyped during the course of the hackathon. The team includes 4 skilled software developers that have a mixed background in both front-end and back-end development. Therefore it should be feasible for the team to take care of the implementation in a short amount of time. The quicker that we can launch the platform the better, since brands can gain more and more exposure the longer that they stay on Købstad.

Another very important next step will be to attract more brands to sign up on Købstad. One strategy would be to reach out to cooperatives for fine handcrafted items and create partnerships with them. The aim is to redirect traffic from our platform to the partners webshop, which could create a revenue stream from the redirected traffic. Another strategy would be to contact small local newspapers, since they should have knowledge about the local brands in their area.

Side note

The prototypes are available both in Web and Mobile version (images may take some time to load).



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