Turkey's first government response to the pandemic was to shelter citizens over age 65 in place.  Young volunteers (let's call them the supermarket gang) started buying groceries at supermarkets and delivering them to affected citizens. We, more experienced volunteers, wanted to reward the supermarket gang by donating our time as mentors. Then we decided this spontaneous gathering of different types of volunteers, sponsors and activities can be made infinitely more efficient through a volunteer marketplace run on reward points. Kolkola was born.

What it does

Kolkola is a volunteer marketplace app where 1) NGOs would organize tasks and activities (imagine an NGO organizing the volunteers to deliver groceries to senior citizens) 2) volunteers who perform the tasks and earn points, and 3) sponsors and others who donate their time, goods and services volunteers can via their points.

How we built the prototype

non native iOS and Android mobile app built with javascript

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Final 12 out of 1500 projects in Coronathon Turkey

What's next for Kolkola

While it is currently useful as is to fight covid19, the user experience can be bettered (build native apps) and quite a few useful features can be added. We need business developers to bring NGOs so they can post tasks, sponsors so they can reward the volunteers. We need marketers to bring volunteers. We need developers so the app is in better shape. Most importantly we need this community to give us feedback and ideas.

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