When brainstorming, we were inspired by the transition to online classes due to the coronavirus. We wanted to come up with a solution to integrating technology into education to enhance our learning. We decided to focus on younger students because it is important to teach important topics to the younger generation early in their lives. In the end, we decided to focus on teaching them about the different cultures around the world because the US is very diverse and that the current education system focuses on the american culture/history.

What it does

This application is meant for younger students and it teaches them about different cultures around the world. This application has many visuals that engages the younger population and helps them learn in an interactive environment.

How I built it

We decided to use android studio to appeal to the android users and also because it used a language that we were familiar with: Java. At first, we designed the layout of the project and specified what features went on all the pages of the app. Since it was virtual, we shared our files through Github and worked on different parts. Throughout this project, we combined all our parts into one until we were done with the hack.

Challenges I ran into

During this project, some challenges we ran into are that we are inexperience with github and android studio since we are beginners. It was also difficult to collaborate since this event was done virtually this year.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to learn a new language and a new software and overcoming the challenges of working remotely on an online project. Since this is our first hackathon and working together, we are proud that we were able to produce something that can impact others. Specifically, we are also proud that we were able to further understand and create applications, which is a part of our daily lives.

What I learned

In this project, we learned to program in an android environment using Java and XML. We expanded on our ability to code in Java and learned how to code in XML. We also learned how different pages can be linked together using the navigation graph feature in Android Studio.

What's next for Kulture

We are hoping to add a voice over option, progress tracker, more cultural features to each country, more visualizations and interactive elements, create a settings to change the language of the app, and make the app more applicable to a classroom environment.

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android-studio, github, java, xml

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