With the large amount of sensationalism in news, we tend to get biased. Moreover, we tend to read what we want to hear, and don't give heed to other sources of news. If you see a lot of left news, you wouldn't want to hear the right, and vice versa! However to form a balanced opinion, one should hear both sides. We created Left, Right, and Center to help you to balance your political view and not let you get skewed to one side!

What it does

Left, Right, and Center is the world's soon-to-be-favourite Google Chrome Extension that will tell you how far left or right you tend to favor based on the news websites that you visit. When you click on the extension, it will tell you your political alignment, the news website you visit the most, and the topics you seem to enjoy reading about. After that, to help you build a better political view, Left, Right and Center will suggest to you a few websites that are on the opposite of the political spectrum for the topic that you are reading about.

How we built it

Left, Right and Center owes its existence to Javascript, CSS and HTML -- the languages we used to develop the extension. We also hosted Python code onto a Google Server to do the majority of the web scraping.

Challenges we ran into

Using Javascript's fetch API to call the Python code that was hosted on the Google cloud server was probably one of the harder things which we managed to accomplish.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Everything! It was the first time we were working with Google Chrome Extension, JS, HTML, and CSS (pretty much our first time for everything!). From scraping the web by working with new Python modules, to using POST with fetch API in Javascript, to background scripts that are constantly working in the chrome extension, to finding the cutest dog in the world for our logo -- it's hard to choose what we're most proud of!

What's next for Left, Right, and Center

Developing a better database for more news channels with different levels of political biases on either side of the political spectrum. Moreover, having a regional option would also add a nice touch as it could include different local news channels as well along with their political biases depending upon the location of the person.



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