After teaching English online at a big company, I found that the most effective method to teaching is simple. As a native English speaker, our comparative advantage in teaching online is our accent. I've found that we should double down on this and provide learners exposure to English in a way that gives them practical experience while fixing their mistakes.

The Problem

Teachers don't want to teach English online. They've become used to teaching in person, aren't interested in technology, and don't know how to adapt.

What it does

LessonSpeak provides curriculum and training to teachers specifically designed for teaching online. Online education is the future, especially now.

How I built it

The LessonSpeak brand has over 50 lessons of various difficulties for teaching English online. Website:

Challenges I ran into

Students don't see the value in getting practical experience in this way until they've tried it.  Teachers with experience criticize the approach.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using just this curriculum, I make a living teaching English online.

What I learned

This business needs a consistent stream of content creation (curriculum). I need more teachers to use my material in order to bring more visibility.

What's next for LessonSpeak

Gamify content creation (teaching curriculum and marketing materials). Gamify feedback given to and received from students.

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