I am working as a IT Project Manager and our company suggested to use for the Daily Meetings with the Team Members, due to Lockdown and Work from Home, When i have started using it, i was not able to find a way to efficiently manage the meetings with the team members.

What it does

This web portal help the Project Managers to create their own dedicated page and share it with their team members, benefits are mentioned below  :

  1. Clear View of all the Meetings : Teams will have a clear view of all the upcoming meetings they have to join.
  2. No need to Invite Again & Again : Just share own dedicated page with team once, they can see all scheduled meetings and join.
  3. No more searching on Email : There will be a no need for team mates to search meeting emails to join the meeting, they can join directly.
  4. Make it Secure : If needed, you can secure your meeting details page by making it password protected, Only those who have password can join.
  5. Its Easy & Save Time : This will help to save your time by quickly creating a meeting and let your team mates know about it.

And, all this in Just 3 Steps :

  1. Create Dedicated Page
  2. Connect with
  3. Create Your Meetings

How I built it

I have used the Wordpress to build this, as its having Multisite capability which i needed for the project with that i have used meeting plugin.

Challenges I ran into

As of now no big challenge i have faced.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am using it with my Team during Lockdown to manage all the meetings very easily.

What I learned

Learned about the usage of Wordpress Multisite and Google Compute Engine, both used first time for this project.

What's next for Lets Work Live - From Home Using

Having a proper plan for it, which is to include more online meeting platforms like Hangout, GoToMeeting etc, so just one platform to manage any online meeting platform.

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