Feras Naser was disturbed by the number of deaths and infected people with corona virus around the globe, somehow he come across a news article that is talking about CONVID19 - Global hackathon, he is a strong believer of the impact of technology, so he decided to participate in this great global attempt to fight corona virus with technology.

He register in the hackthon, send a projects proposal document to a group of the hackthon participants hoping to be able to build a technological solution for this challenge. He was surprised  by the number of responses he got, a diverse responses from distant  geographical location of young people who are willing to participate to fight this global challenge.

Ahmed Tikiwa from South Africa.  Sid a student in Canada, Eric Malaba from Uganda,  Mohammed Thaseel from India, Joshua Odoi from Ghana

Those wonderful young people have come together work around 9 hours a day for 4 consecutive days and build an almost ready solution. This was unbelievable story for all the team members, how a group of young people who did not meet each other before, come together and work tirelessly to build a solution that mitigate the corona virus impact. THIS WAS A TRUE INSPIRATION. IT IS A WONDERFUL STORY, Feras talk about this in details in his video...

Students all around the world stopped attending school and they are suppose to study through remote education (Online, or using TV). Many students somehow, they stopped schooling entirely, they do not have the motivation to study online and somehow they lost the education discipline that happens in schools . Feras has asked his cousins if they continued their education through online website or TV broadcasts, and they responded "NO".

Feras felt there is an entire generation that might miss a semester or at least get an educational disruption, it is not only that but even many people stopped working and they are staying at home and somehow they have plenty of free time and they are not motivated to carry on with upgrading their skills.


What it does

LIAM is : 5th Generation of Blockchain Schools: An Online Learning and Creativity Platform that Allow Kids to Learn, Earn, Create, Sell and Buy their Creative Achievements

It aims to solve the problem  that evolve around the facts

Kids do not like homeworks  Kids do not like studying But Adults also face a challenge in terms of continuous education.

It is a A MOTIVATION BOOSTER - because it brings a gamification and a rewarding experience. It all happens in the APP. The Business Process starts with students log to the platform attend a course and because of that they earn LIAMS, those LIAMS can buy digital assets (that was created by other students, to earn LIAMS you must be attending courses or selling your creative digital assets).

How I built it

Feras Naser : Has conceptualized the idea, built the team and made significant contributions in the app design flow.  Ahmed Tikiwai : Has built the Android App.  Sid Anand: Has configured the mongodb database.  Joshua : Has contributed significantly to the design of WEB APP flow and Front END. (react)  Mohammed Thasheel: Has helped in building the Front End. (react) Erica Malaba: Has configured the server using cloudinary and heroku.

Challenges I ran into

Technical Challenge :
1- The team members did not have experience using Parse, this has resulted in server deployment issues and live data. 2- We had a problem in having a meaningful presentation that explains the concept under 2 minutes.
3- We had a challenge in some uploads because of the internet connection speed in some countries.

Communication Challenge:-  1- There was an opportunity to ask for help from the hackthon organizers, but we did not use this chance. We really needed that in server deployment!!

Human Challenges:  1- We did not threw the best online party, we could have organize it better.

Marketing challenge:  1- We could not align our marketing objectives with the team level of energy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1- We are very proud of our team - unbelievable level of commitment (Attending 3 meetings in a day during the weekend, working on code and design in between from 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM). Very beautiful people, multi talented.  2- We are very proud of our friendship: Joshua played live music online, Ahmed sang online, Feras organized an online party and cracked few jokes.
3- We are very proud of our concept and the vision: Novel, interesting, useful, promising, strategic.
4- We are very proud of our Android App : Clean code, built in a short period of time. 5- We are very proud of our story: Group of young people from around the world come together to fight coronavirus crisis through technology, working day and night.

What I learned

1- I have learnt that building a global business online is a possibility in 2020.  2- I have learnt there is very beautiful people around the world. 3- I have learnt about FIGMA, Adobe UX, Cloudinary.
4- I habe learnt that having power point presentation video is not the best form of presentation, sharing your screen while explaining the product demo is the most effective way for presenting a technological solution over the internet.

What's next for LIAM

LIAM is going in two scenarios and the team members will pursue those scenarios with full passion.  1- LIAM will pursue the vision of  becoming a global company with an impact on CONVID19 - the team has prepared their solution as pitch deck. They have an investment ask of 3 million dollars as an exchange of 15% of the company and they are expect a 300 million dollars in revenue in 3 years with 30 million users.Please let us know if you are in an investor?!

2- The story of hope : While working in the project and recording meetings, we have been inspired by our story coming together and working day and night for a global cause with the desire to fight the CONVID crisis. We have collected great videos and we made some of ourselves,we hope to tell our story to the people as a short film. Please let us know if your are a director of a film producer?!

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