Fear of hunger

What it does

Self-sustainable food

How I built it

led lights and recycled plastic

Challenges I ran into

Create application to configure to monitor the hydroponic device via wifi.  With the possibility of seeing predetermined configurations for different types of environmental conditions and fruits.  Social Network to share experiences with other users and create a community garden in which each user agrees to grow a different seed than the other members of their community garden.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Defeat the fear of potential hunger.  Creating the feeling of food security to overcome any crisis in the future.  Raise awareness of the importance of self-sustainability  Teach with strong arguments the benefits of a society with a good% of self-sustainable consumption.  Reduce global warming as a moderately self-sustaining society  By introducing the motivation of the benefits of being self-sustainable in the users, they will gradually implement more techniques and elements to extend their self-sustainability.

## What I learned

Option to use renewable energy: Electric independence if the user wishes, offering the option of all renewable energy according to their demographic conditions.

Generate employment and industry with recycled materials: look for collaborators for sale and support in each sector of the world with a coverage radius of 30km and train them in our management plan.

What's next for Greinvolution

develop devices that adapt to different rhythms and life contexts, so that the device is multifunctional and provides added values ​​apart from food self-sustainability.

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