With more people staying at home from the epidemic, we wanted to create a simple and gentle, yet fun game.  We wanted to transport the users to a sort of dream world with different rules than our world abides to.  This is only possible with games.  With its fun and yet low-stress game design, we hope to provide users with a pleasant experience to help them bear this difficult time.

What it does

You play as an otter to bounce off the sun and create stars for the night sky.

How we built it

We used a combination of JavaFX and CorelDraw.  We used JavaFX to create the GUI and handle the user events.  With CorelDraw, we were able to create the graphics.

Challenges we ran into

Designing the overall game in order to make the game experience as fun as possible.  We debated with how the game should behave (shrink with each star created? landscape or portrait mode?).  Though probably the biggest challenge for us was deciding what would represent the paddle in the game, off which the sun would bounce (an otter!).  In terms of the coding, a certain challenge was understanding how JavaFX handled events differently than Javascript, which our team was more familiar with, and thus bridging that gap to still create a similar experience than we would have been able to deliver with a web platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite working remotely from each other, we were able to communicate effectively to make everything work together.   We divided up the work between artist and coder, which worked out very well.  We were able to both focus on something we really enjoyed, and thus bring the best we could offer to this project.  We also love the images, as they help transport the user to the fun world we envisioned for this game.  Without them, the game would have a very different feel and user experience.  Also, we got animations to work for all the clouds, the otter, the stars, and the sun simultaneously!

What we learned

Sea otters are responsible for all the stars in the sky.

What's next for Starry Night

Incorporating music into the game.  We were able to get sound effects to work, but for some reason, the music eluded us.  Since music is important in terms of setting a particular mood for the game, we really hope to be able to incorporate it in future versions.

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