Inspiration: Have you ever wanted to learn something new, to want to develop a hobby or an interest that is not

related to your job? And how many times have you said you want to do it but don't find time to do it? Here, in this period in which we are all closed at home due to the coronavirus situation, what we want to do is making an online platform, in which we can exchange our interest, hobbies, experience, art, skills, traditional art for free or in a paid model. Anyone can register free and start learning, sharing, training, teaching in a paid or free model.

What it does: LiLCraftlab is a platform dedicated to a target that mainly includes women between 35 and 55 years old,

who in this period are home, due to the quarantine, and are interested in entertaining themselves with video lessons.  On the platform (website) we had a menu of interest-hobby tutorials (some free - basic level - and some paid - expertise level).

Menu includes these classes:   1. Art: crochet art, ceramics, drawing, home décor, illustration, painting, watercolor;

  1. Sewing: design and sew your own designer dress or purchase self-design dress from platform, hand stitching, home décor, fabric design, fix ups, embroidery;
  2. Knitting: sweaters, yarn craft;
  3. Metal Arts: design and make your own jewels/accessory;
  4. Design and make your own tinker/house linen showroom and pottery;
  5. Das art: make your own das tinker;
  6. Wood art: make your own small furniture;
  7. Paper: binding, popup book, origami. It is also a way to revive old arts form and get it commercialized. The video can be searched by users through the duration of the same. Users can access the courses free during the coronavirus period, while once this particular period is over the first three basic courses will be free, while the advanced courses will be paid (the cost will still be low).  The interesting thing is that there will be the possibility for users to order, after purchasing the course, a box containing the materials and tools useful for learning the art they have chosen to follow. In this way, they will not even have to leave the house because they will receive the box by shipping. The box will be free during the coronavirus period, once finished, only the basic box will be free, while the pro box will be paid. The packaging of our boxes will be made with eco-sustainable materials.  The platform will also have dedicated accounts on the main social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and will be best sponsored with a digital communication strategy and the use of influencers. The main KPIs to be monitored to evaluate the performance of the platform will be the subscription to lectures and how many people order the boxes, the traffic on the website and the tracking of users' actions on the website.

How we built it: We have developed the idea in the best way and we have tried to understand how to make it truly possible.

We ideally created the website interface and the various sections, focusing on the user experience and digital strategy. We have chosen the colors and the interface model to make it attractive to our target.

Challenges we ran into: The challenges we ran into were mainly to coordinate the workflow and to find a sustainable project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: LiLCraftLab helps women reduce the sense of loneliness during the bad period that we are all facing, during

which they are more available to discover themselves and return to their origins through the ancient and more modern artisanal arts. The thing we are most proud of is that the arts are already at your home, thanks to the delivery of dedicated boxes to start your creative journey.

What we learned: we learned that, in this uncertain times, we need cozyness, warmth and contact, we need to go back to the roots.

What's next for LilCraftLab: Initially we will offer it free (5 lessons per discipline with any deadline watching) and redesign our site post

COVID19 for a more paid model, in which customers will have 7 days free and than for continuing they have to pay. Also, we started setting up the hosting of the website and we wish to upload it soon.

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