Due to covid 19 its impossible for me to continue with condusive learning like interaction with my lectures from home through a free and open class...

What it does

This is a website that gives the learner a distance learning where he/she is able to yo get a direct learning with at most interaction with the teacher and other students

How I built it

Stated by brainstorming trying to check for available premium simalr services a then went ahead and sketch on the book what I wanted to do then went ahead to try and get insight from fellow students on what they would want to be available on the same...

Challenges I ran into

I noticed the challenge late so I did not have enough time to work on the project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a complete ui of how the website as well as the app will work

What I learned

The need to revolutionalize the development web applications is needed

What's next for Liveschool

Introducing machine learning to act a teacher and deliver lessons based on the content the teacher needs to deliver as well as to develop a system for offering online examinations which will be the greatest achievement .

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dribble, express.js, html, javascript, node.js, profiledashboard, sophie, ul/ux

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