One of the most stringent problems of the Moldovan society at the moment, especially of the rural society, is the absence of the access to information (Corona virus Fast Response) or limited access to the public information. While the price of subscriptions to periodicals is very high for the majority of the village people, and the Radio and TV are at the disposal of the power, the population from the rural regions stays uninformed about different fields of general interest. And this way they the rural people can be easily manipulated by those who have the monopoly on the informational market...But in a society that is not informed, the public authorities can easily camouflage the inactivates or even the anti popular actions in the most cases.

What it does

Editing some special supplement to the “Adevărul” (The Truth) publication, the topics of which will be Corona virus Fast Response. The ways of benefiting of these rights will be highlighted; we will assure the public participation at the decision-making process; the third sector strengthening, coalition building among CSOs,  transfer of expertise, tools and best practice – all these will be issues for the “Adevărul”.

How we built it

Assurance, due to some well thought efforts and having the necessary logistic means, of the multilateral information of all the social levels, inclusively of the vulnerable and marginalized groups. In fact, at the moment, the majority of the village people can be treated from this very perspective.

Challenges we ran into

Dissemination of information to prepare the public. Successful implementation - limited COVID-19 - will require transparency and frequent communication with the public, specific protections to ensure access for socially vulnerable populations, active engagement of communities and other stakeholders, and a high degree of cooperation from individuals.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Concrete measures will be undertaken in order to make the citizen of the villages feel its involvement in the actions which will lead to the awareness of the fact that the political, economical, social situation depends on the real participation of each village inhabitant at the respective locality matters.

What we learned

It is obvious that the village population is not homogeneous, that is why there will be identified the social groups, target groups with common characters and interests, with similar behaviour when it is treated with promises by the power organs, identifying the groups with a certain way of thinking and appreciating the decisions taken by the authorities.

What's next for Local Action - Global Impact

The content: preventive measures of the Corona virus; best practice; interview; result of survey etc.

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