Almost 3 million people are currently confined to the major cities of Madagascar. The COVID-19 has worsened the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Malagasy who have to search today for what to eat today. However, with the lockdown measures, it is hard to be able to work as usual and to be able to move as it pleases. 70 to 80% of Malagasy population are farmers, yet they encounter difficulties in the sale of their product, the supply chains have plummeted, the opening hours of the food market are limited, without an adequate support people have to get out and works despite the lockdown measures.


"ATIRETSY" (Local product online) is an online platform that allows both to alleviate the daily stress of the population (work-confinement-coronavirus-daily food) and to be able to sell farmers' products on time thanks to our service free delivery. It will favor the sale of 100% organic agricultural products through training sessions with partner farmers in order to strengthen the antibodies of the population. This digital solution is also a solidarity action, it does not only target the middle class or the wealthiest but also helps the most disadvantaged since on each sale made, a percentage will be set aside to feed the underprivileged class. Our project facilitates the relationship between consumers and farmers in a most RESPONSIBLE AND SOLIDARITY manner.

How it works

  1. Analysis of consumer needs
  2. Look for farmers growing 100% organic products corresponding to household needs
  3. Purchase of products + photo of partner farmers for the platform (credibility, interactivity)
  4. Transport of products for storage places + packed baskets preparation
  5. Putting products for sale online
  6. Delivery of products to the final target
  7. Percentage of each profit paid into a solidarity fund
  8. Collaboration with each municipality to identify the most impoverished people
  9. Feed the needy population thanks to the solidarity fund

What it does

What we will find in the platform (website) and our social networks:

  1. Our products menu: a user will be entitled to one (01) basket. The user will be able to customize the content of their basket. However, the sufficient quantity on each item purchased will be sufficient for all so that everyone can benefit from it - FAIR
  2. Blog : writing various articles providing information on healthy and balanced food, climate change, sustainable agriculture, 100% organic products, agricultural techniques adapted to climate change, the virtues of medicinal plants, ...
  3. Food Bank menu: People who have a surplus of food or who simply want to do solidarity actions can inform us and make food donations. In collaboration with local authorities, our team will take care of sharing them to people in need.

How I built it

  1. In the beginning, we have created an online platform by using Shopify with domain name acquisition and hosting
  2. Then, the creation of social networks accounts are among our must-do list (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  3. We intend to formalize a partnership with the various local actors (farmers, transporters, municipality, etc.)
  4. About the payment, we will start with the remote payment method by using mobile banking

Challenges I ran into

Getting partnerships during the lockdown

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angular.js, node.js, shopify

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