As businesses are expanding and virtual (remote) work is becoming part of our daily lives, we start embracing online technologies with teams that may have cultural differences and different spoken languages. Which is why I believed that a collaborative platform that can deal with the linguistics and educate teams about cultural topics to be aware of, can be a great platform for diverse businesses to track and manage tasks as well as communicate.

What it does

The platform currently has a cloud-based login system, a diversity map that can be used to show facts and highlight news of where team members are based (hardcoded for demo purposes), and a full issue tracking system (inspired by JIRA). A core and key feature that was not successfully implemented was to use GCP Text Translation API to display text in the recipient's favorite language (for chatting, project description, and to-do list items).

How I built it

I leveraged MongoDB Atlas to store my data (users, conversations, projects, and tasks), Express (Node.js framework) to implement a RESTful CRUD API, and React to encapsulate and develop the UI.

Challenges I ran into

I did not leave myself with enough time to implement the text translation which is a core feature of the application. I compensated for that by having a clear UI that shows the potential of adding that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am new to React, so being able to have a concise and error-free user interface is a great accomplishment for me.

What I learned

I have learned a lot about CRUD API design and React development in general. I also learned about cloud computing in terms of databases and text manipulation.

What's next for Localize

The next thing and the biggest thing for this platform to be of great value for diverse businesses and startups is to implement the GCP Text Translation API to make this platform a medium for great projects. Another thing that can be implemented is building an application interface to fetch real-time data regarding culture and news and use machine learning to help teams discuss valuable and educated topics.

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express.js, mongodb, node.js, react

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