Recently, I went into an Uber and had the driver take one look at me, then change his radio to play Taylor Swift songs. Truthfully, I realized some people may find this offensive, but my driver had a valid reason behind his actions. If I as a customer enjoyed the music, I would be much more likely to enjoy the ride and tip more. Music plays a large role in daily life for both individuals and businesses. I came up with this product in hopes of creating an efficient way to provide business owners a way to make playlists catered towards a target audience to maximize profits. I also realized this would be a great way to provide a filtering system that will greatly support local artists by allowing people to filter by cities, thus promoting community.

What it does

LocalLy is designed to provide playlists that support both local artist and businesses, along with individuals. Data processing algorithms work to filter and build playlist to fit our consumers needs. Here is how we achieve this:

Supporting Local Artist -

One of our most revolutionary features is the ability to enter in your hometown and have a playlist made. The resulting songs are by musicians from your hometown or from an area near your hometown.

Supporting Businesses -

Music plays a large role in businesses. Whether its a bar aiming to play music that caters to the age group of its croud, a fancy store playing rich sounds that fit the brand, or your Uber driver playing music they think you will like. However, business owners may have trouble finding a playlist to suit their needs. We not only provide one for free, but our content is backed by data.

Serving Humanity -

For many people, music serves a purpose beyond entertainment. For some, they use it to concentrate on their work. Others may use it to provide courage and confidence before facing a stressful situation. Music does a lot, and we want to provide it in an easy to use and enjoyable format. Our mission is simply to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Serving Individuals -

Maybe you don't find yourself enjoying the popular music played on the radio, so you are hoping to have a playlist created to fit your personal music tastes. Perhaps, you are throwing a party for an elder family member and wanting to find a playlist most enjoyable to their age group. Or, frankly, you just want to find new music to enjoy. We can help you achieve whatever your goal may be.

Positive -

We desire to provide music that supports humanity. With playlists providing songs that lift you up. It can be an upbeat pick me up playlist, songs that embrace men showing/expressing emotion, or one that reminds you of home. We have all sorts of unique "positive" playlists.

How we built it

Firstly we used HTML/CSS/JavaScript to build a functioning webpage. I also created all of the graphics used on the side by hand using Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Lastly, we have users input what we call Filters and keys to make a custom playlist made to fit users needs. Here is how it is we prompt our user:

Enter in your keys to generate you playlist! Add them in the format of "Filter: Desired Effect" for multiple sepperate by either "and" or "or". Futhermore, "and" seperated filters give songs that match all specifications while "or" gives songs that match at least one of the specifications  Example:  City: Los Angeles and Genre: Alternative and Age: 20-30  This provides a playlist with alternative songs that are popular with people aged 20-30 and whose artist is from Los Angeles.

Using this input we use python to take the string parse it, grabbing keywords for both the filter and key then we use the "and" or "or" terms to create a boolean operator we apply to a data sheet to filter out songs that mach the required descriptions. We incorporated Spotify's API to play and set up playlists, along with using a few of their filter options. However, many of the music specifications we wanted were not available else where. Thus, we had to event our own method. The plan is to use what is called Data Scraping (JSoup) to use already made websites to gather information such as an Artists hometown and compile this data into a sheet our python script can parse.

Challenges we ran into

We only had a team of two people so incorporating API's, building a web application, making custom graphics,  and creating our own API within 24 hours was not a feasible task. Hence, our solution was to do the best we can do! While we don't have every single function working as we wish it would. We got a lot done!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're really proud of our design and artwork. We also think that we have a great idea that is worth expanding upon in the future.Lastly, this is Henry's first Hackathon!

What I learned

A lot of things! We're both pretty new to hackathons and we both got a better understanding of the hacking workflow, along with learning a bunch of HTML/CSS/JavaScript terms needed to make the UI beautiful. Lastly, learned how to work with multiple API's and work on creating our own.

What's next for LocalLy

We want to make LocalLy more dynamic with a wider range of filter options. Furthermore, we need to work on our python script and custom data sets to get what we set out to do fully functioning.

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