Since locked down, local shops in my area (as anywhere else) need to close. This does not only stop their businesses, but it also stops customers from getting what they need.

What it does

Locavery allows local shop owners continuing to provide their services through online booking.

  1. Shop owners can list their services, products or menus with self-organized delivery options and pricing
  2. Customers can buy things and get delivery online. Besides, they have more options available and competitive pricing

How I built it

There are a couple of things I just need to pick up and start building right away:

Host: I use firebase for backend (database, hosting)

App: I use React for client-side development, with a theme framework that I already built. Besides, there are available modules/frameworks that help me with features like geohash for scanning nearby people

Design: I use Adobe XD

Challenges I ran into

Design: Since our local shop owners are people who not often experience with apps, so the design must be clear and simple

Timing: I applied and it is 1 day until the deadline

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After completing the app, I sent over a few friends. Not all of them use it, but some feedback as it is usefully to connect with their customers.

What I learned

There are ways to survive, even in crisis time

What's next for Locavery

I'm not sure yet. But there are 2 goals:

  • Growth the app to help more shop owners connect with their customers
  • Financial help to maintain and develop the app

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