Me and my wife just had a baby a month back, it was a huge happiness for the family and us. But that happiness did not stay for long the doctors told us the baby has a heart condition called as TAPVR. Its a bit of a complicated surgery but can be done after a month or two. The doctors advised us to take the baby home but watch out for any signs that might be dangerous for the baby, also we need to take the baby for weekly review. Since the COVID-19 lockdowns started its becoming a problem for babies like mine and other chronic illness patients to have regular doctor review. Though staying in home protects, doctors weekly review is essential. Even during the lockdowns i had to take the baby for review, was stopped by police and had to explain the issues - this kept running on my mind i desperately wanted to build a simple solution that could be free of all complications and create appointments, get it approved from doctor and the authorities can verify the appointments.

What it does

As many countries are looking at lockdowns to contain the COVID-19 virus, it becomes hard for chronic illness patients to go and get doctor opinions or go for regular checkups. What Lockdown Pass does are

1) Create Pass

The patient or his attender can create his own medical record with the available reports, once the patient or his attender has uploaded the scanned reports they attach a doctor whom they have been regularly visiting. The doctors who have been on-boarded on the network will be shown there. Once they select the doctor it is attached to the report. Final step is to add a appointment schedule, here the date and time are listed based on the doctors availability. Thus creating a limited patient visit and limited number of people travelling.

2) Appointment status

Though the patient selects the doctors available time the doctor needs to approve the visit, the doctor can check the uploaded records and provide appointments. Also, the current status can be checked on the home screen

3) Risk Prediction

Any chronic patient would be under consistent fear of being near a COVID-19 symptomatic patient, the risk prediction gives information on nearby home quarantined people, confirmed cases and best route to take for hospital. This is just an additional option for them to analyse and decide on the travel.

4) Mobile Pass

This contains the pass approved by the doctor, whenever the doctor approves the appointment the pass gets activated. Any police or health authority who checks us while travelling to the doctor just needs to scan the mobile pass and this will give the information of necessary checkup. Thus reducing the hassle free travel to doctor in case the doctor feels its necessary to see the patient for review.

How am i building this

This is a just a prototype, i am working on the backend of it. I am using React Native for Cross platform mobile, Swift, Graphql, Postgres and GoLang (for backend). Please check the prototype on this link

Challenges I might run into

On-Boarding authorities and doctors

What I learned

I am a native iOS developer, this is the first time i am developing an app with React Native

What's next for Lockdown Pass

Whether this gets selected in this event or not, i feel this will be useful for many people in a lot of countries (as we are going to be seeing extended lockdowns). So i will be continuing to get this finished and published for people to use.

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golang, graphql, react-native, swift, vuejs

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