Due to the Corona lockdown, many of us are at home, feeling the walls closing in. We’re worried about our health and our jobs. Our ability to cope with increased stress and to help others is limited. This creates a dangerous mix.

Experts* predict an increase in physical and psychological domestic violence in Switzerland.

We raise awareness of what many people are going through during the crisis, and provide easy-to-access information and education on how to prevent, support or get support in a situation of domestic violence.

We built an interactive educational game allowing users to experience realistic situations of tension, letting them make decisions, and providing step-by-step support helping to manage such situations.

Users navigate through an apartment building in LOCKTOWN. They experience tricky situations, make decisions, receive feedback and get in touch with triaged verified multimedia material from official resources like helplines, police, and the government. Playful elements motivate to reflect on a serious topic and to learn by example.

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