The current Corona crisis has brought everybody in a kind of “new country”: Home office, schools closed, lock down, challenges for people above 65 to shop, to keep contacts, etc. Especially refugees struggle because the integration process is slowed down. NGOs lay off their activities e.g. there are no language classes, food distributions and meeting points anymore. Refugees are being isolated in their “homes”.

We all need one another to come through this crisis. A big challenge is to match needs and offers. Best solutions in the current stage of Corona crisis are in the direct neighbourhood that build up social closeness, accepting physical distancing rules.

What it does

Buddy2Buddy connects peopleThe Buddy2Buddy module connects people in the neighbourhood

  • based on their needs and abilities
  • takes over coordination function with it’s business logics and matches people nearby and locally
  • easy, scalable, adjustable
  • ready to become multilingual
  • available on Android and iOS as soon as pushed in App stores.

How we built it

Buddy2Buddy is a new module for the Love Europe App for refugees and newcomers. In this hackaton we worked on usability testing, presentation and promotion of the new module that was available as beta version for Android (apk).

Challenges we ran into

  • Timing
  • Settting priorities
  • Making video with available equipment

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Presentation video developed during this hackaton
  • Integration of beta testers to test our current version of the app

What we learned

  • Not everything we think is easy and understandable is understood as we thought
  • Learned about new tools like Slack, Google forms, Google jamboard and Movie maker (Video)
  • How helpful and valuable it is to have such a big network available during such a Hackaton
  • Encourage that others supported us

What's next for Love Europe App Buddy2Buddy Module

  • Integrate usability feedback from #VersusVirus Testgroup
  • Launch the Buddy2Buddy module of the Love Europe App with the release and support the marketing about it with
  • Developed presentation video from Hackaton
  • Building neighbourhood communities with Buddy2Buddy to include refugees and locals in current Corona crisis to help each other
  • Presenting new tool to refugees and refugee actors (NGO’s, city authorities, churches, neighbourhood actors, government)
  • Invite them to partner with us to keep app sustainably financed and running. Allow them to take ownership for location or region
  • Include community also in translation and crowdsourcing of local infos to share ownership and make the tool known widely.

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