We were inspired by the efforts of doctors around the world, especially in Italy and Spain, in countering Coronavirus. And they came to the decision to use our latest developments in increasing the effectiveness of drugs at the micro level to support their efforts.

What it does

We use of nanoscale carriers for targeted drug delivery helps to quickly and effectively increase the biomedical effects of existing antiretroviral medicine and reduce their toxicity. This side of the project can also be used to increase efficiency and reduce the dose of drugs in other areas, in particular, oncology. The technology for creating nanocomposites magnetic nanoparticle-antiviral drug includes the selection of a biocompatible coating of magnetite nanoparticles having a high affinity for the drug, obtaining a stable suspension of modified nanoparticle coating and the creation of a nanoparticle-drug complex. Technical processes for creating nanocomplexes modified MCH preparations were developed and tested on the system of magnetite nanoparticles - sodium citrate - doxorubicin. The work will focus on finding a suitable coating for optimal landing on the surface of many promising antiviral drugs.

How I built it

For the last six months we have been conducting laboratory tests. created mathematical models and improved technology. We found the result through a series of continuous improvements.

Challenges I ran into

Main technological problem was the selection of a coating of nanoparticles to obtain stable complexes with a high degree of drug loading. In the course of the research, we plan to select the necessary coverage for several types of antiretroviral drugs. After that, in partnership with drug manufacturers, the product can be put into use. The main technological problem is solvable, since there is a very wide selection of substances with different chemical structures and properties that can serve as a coating for nanoparticles. It is also possible to use magnetic nanoparticles of a different type.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Over the past 2 years, our team has developed 2 innovative health care products. Among my personal achievements over the past 5 years are team leadership and participation in the development of 8 new innovative or improved technologies in various fields - from healthcare to energy.  Among them: 1) an improved version of the bionic prosthesis of the hand; 2) a platform for teaching creativity for teachers; 3) an online patient monitoring system using personal diagnostic bracelets used in the UNICEF project in Malawi (Africa); 4) an improved version of the ambulance; 5) industrial plants for purification from radiation and desalination of sea water; 6) biodegradable plastic; 7) a system for cleaning materials at industrial enterprises; 8) improved weather forecast system

What I learned

You can always find a solution for any situation. In my projects, working as a team, I was often not an expert in the new technology being developed - since it came from a different field. Nevertheless, our team always, through hundreds of trial and error, managed to come to a result. I believe that the combined efforts of innovators around the world can quickly stop Kronavirus and prepare all of Humanity for similar challenges in the future.

What's next for Magnetic nanoparticles against COVID-19

Our project is capable of producing a result in a few months - improving the effectiveness of antiretroviral medicine.  This effect can be used everywhere in the treatment of many diseases. Once the Coronavirus epidemic is over, our technology can help treat cancer. By increasing the effectiveness of the drugs, their doses can be reduced. many drugs used in oncology and against viruses are toxic. Reducing their dosage will improve well-being and extend the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world.



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