print str("As we all know, the Coronavirus is a big talk no matter where you are. This is no surprise, however, because the virus is literally everywhere. As highschoolers, it struck us hard and forced us to transition into something we never expected, distance learning. We both often felt that knowing the amount of cases is a necessity, in order to let everyone know the significance of this deadly virus and to inform everyone what places to avoid. In times like these, emergency lines are important. Plus, the population gives a sense of how dense each country is.") + str("We believe that having one place where we can have all this information is truly a much easier way to be informed and reach out for help when necessary. Easy access to resources and life-saving information would significantly improve the lives of users, and speed up the process.")

What it does

print str("Our program informs users through a map layout and lets users zoom in and out to see Coronavirus cases, emergency lines, population in each country, active volcanoes in the United States, and for some extra knowledge, the seven wonders of the world.") + str("The user can use the drop down menu in the right corner to choose which information they would like to see.")

How we built it

print str("We used Python 3 and imported the folium and pandas libraries.”) + str(“Folium and pandas helped us create layers for each set of information by helping us access our text files, create feature groups, etc.")

Challenges we ran into

print str("One major challenge that we ran into was creating our txt files. Our files were very complex. In fact, our Coronavirus cases txt file had 175 countries and was 176 lines including the headers. We ran into a lot of errors when trying to access that txt files and run the program. In the process of converting the file, some data was lost, without our knowledge.”) + str(“Finally, we ended up going line by line in order to make each line have the right amount of commas and fields. Using and keeping track of our txt files was definitely the main issue, but we overcame it by double checking our program and txt files and by maintaining great patience.")

Accomplishments that we're proud of

print str("We are proud that we accomplished our program, in exactly the way we wanted it to look and function.”) + str(“ Even though this program took a very long time to create, we were able to finish it on time and through all the frustrating challenges!")

What we learned

print str(“We learned a lot about the useful features in folium and pandas. Folium introduced us to feature groups and the add_child method.”) + str(“There are so many possibilities with folium and it is definitely something we will use in the future to create more programs to help the world. It is so amazing and new to us that we can use simple files like txt to create such a complex program.”)

What's next for Map Mania!

print str(“We have a lot of future ideas for Map Mania! We want to add a search feature so that users can search the region or layer they want to explore, rather than having to look all over for it on the map.”) + str(“ We also want to make our users feel comfortable in this app by creating settings such as dark mode or custom learning.”) + str(“ We also aim to pack Map Mania with more helpful and important information, to further educate and provide our users with a complete resource of key facts and major news. In all honesty, the possibilities for Map Mania are endless, and there is so much more to come for this program!”)

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