We did some research and found that people make better decisions and have a healthier lifestyle when they have a regular set of activities.

What it does

Our app provides the user with activities so that they can keep a regular, interesting routine in this time of disruption.

How we built it

We first built the prototype in Marvel, with Raf D doing a lot of it because he was already familiar with the platform. We then moved into App Inventor and built a simple app there. If we get through to the next round, we will move on to a more professional language such as Flutter, and will use a Github repository.

Challenges we ran into

We have faced a lot of challenges over the days that went by, and the biggest problem we faced was that, while we could live in the same country, all of us have different time schedules, which put us at a major disadvantage since we have to communicate online; and as well as that, we also faced other challenges which put us at a confusion, but either way, we still found a way to persevere and continue our project any how.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of all the challenges we faced and still managed to go through them, facing them head on, allowing us to be able to build our programs, giving us a visual idea of what we want our program to be like.

What's next for Map My Day

We hope to include a community section in our app where people around the world will be able to get together, do similar activities and share their stories. We also hope to partner with Netfix Party.

What we learned

We learned many important skills during this hackathon. The two biggest take-aways for our team were Ethics in AI and why it is so important, and the Design Thinking process.

Our JamBoard/Google doc is

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