Since the coronavirus COVOID-19 outbreak and social distancing measures, that need to be applied because of that many couples in Europe who wanted to get married this spring or summer are left with unpleasant choices - postpone a wedding or get married under strict rules that apply in certain countries or regions. Since the wedding is a celebration not only for young couples but also for parents and family members, it is important to experience this moment together, especially at times like this. Online Wedding is a great solution for the ones who need to get married quickly, like couples who are expecting, their life partner is seriously ill, etc. and the ones that would love to have a new experience with loved ones.

What it does

In today’s digital environment many daily activities can now be performed remotely, including agreements, identity verification, job meetings and so on. So why not be able to get married online? People who wish to marry and their witnesses could do an online identification process, and a marriage officiant could check if everything is fine with the identification process. The whole ceremony could be through one of the online meeting software, so the marriage officiant could see participants and loved ones would be able to watch the ceremony. Since it’s possible to sign documents also digitally, there’s no need to do the whole process in person.

How we built it

Establishing a partnership with Identity verification platforms (such as Trulioo, or else), e Signature platforms (Eversign, Signicat) and using online meeting platforms (like Zoom, Hangouts). We also need help from the government, so we could make this happen (information about their systems and configurations, needs, etc.).

We already have an interest in our platform and people said they would love to add live music, send gifts and do other cool things, so we found some people who already would love to participate.

Challenges we ran into

Current legislation doesn't allow such a concept. We would need a small change in that, but we already been working on all the issues we could run into regards this question. What we need is a chance to collaborate with officials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We already participated in Hack the Crisis Sweden. We built a website design - almost ready to work. We also have Facebook and Instagram pages were we received interest from people, got some collaborations with influencers (they will post some content soon) and got some insight from possible users and marriage officials.

What we learned

We learned possible issues with our platform so we had time to think about them and fix them. Got some help from lawyers who also gave us insight and solutions. Still in the process to learn the government's needs.

What's next for Marryable - Online Wedding Solution

Collaboration with government officials so we could have a change in legislation and we could make this work for couples whose wedding plans are affected because of COVID-19.

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