Last time there are many problems caused by coronavirus. Everything turn up side down. We want to help somehow and because we can code we have decided to do useful application for this times. Our friends from local society group wanted to help elders e.g. doing shopping for them. We found that it will be pretty cool to have an application to manage that.

What it does

Team management platform connecting local teams and volunteers to help elders and people on quarantine There are two "types" of user - team leader and team member. Team leaders are people that are managing the team (also the members) and contact the needy people (as mentioned above elders, people in quarantine etc). All users can then accept the tasks (or it will be assigned by a leader) and help some people in need.

How I built it

We create Android and web Angular app with backend on Firebase. We also select Material UI to be used in both apps to achieve similar look and user experience.

What I learned

It's out first hackathon, so working under deadline is something that we will remember for a long time.

What's next for Marta

In-app connecting with clients (elders etc.), better team managing and gathering users.

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android, angular.js, firebase, kotlin

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