Was fixing my car recently. And an idea how to help people out of jobs keep making money:

  1. I'm no expert. But I can do some things if being guided. Not willing to go to costly service for little things either.
  2. People are out of jobs while their services are closed. BUT! They're still experts of their craft. They can guide peeps like me helping them to fix stuff.
  3. And get a fee for that. Like in But for other stuff.

What it does

80% of visits to a physician could be resolved remotely. Direct contact needed only in some cases. Similar situation is not only in medicine field but in many others: Car service, housekeeping, cooking, reparations, etc.

How I built it

Native mobile platforms. Potentially with Amazon video call component.

What's next for Masters

Finish the prototype. Test with users. Build the app. Create a campaign. Measure KPIs. Adjust.

Try It out



go, java, javascript, objective-c

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