The COVID-19 Global Hackathon site indicated countless requests where organizations (e.g. WHO) identified the need to match resources with where they are needed. Last week (my home state of) New York put up a website soliciting healthcare volunteers, presumably to be matched with needs throughout the state.

What it does

This is a full production site, using only released software--no beta, no mock-ups. Resource volunteers (e.g. doctors, nurses) come in via a database record, probably from a state website. Healthcare facility needs (e.g. "need an Emergency Room physician") come in via a database record as well. The application validates the credentials of the volunteer and works through signing a contract. The application verifies the hospital's need, and allows them to select volunteers that meet their criteria. Multiple offers can be sent; multiple resources can be engaged. The application tracks the volunteer's participation and the hospital's needs through to completion.

How I built it

This uses a 100% Microsoft software stack: SharePoint and Azure, where the FACILEX(r) application resides.

Challenges I ran into

It took a day to get the application fully functional.  It took 3 days to find all the right icons, so that it looks nice.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We can clone the site quickly and make it available to any state government who wants to use it.

What I learned

First hackathon for me. I was surprized at how stressful it was.

What's next for Matching Healthcare Professionals with Where They're Needed

This is just one example of hundreds of business process automation projects. Since this was created by configuration, and not via programming, there might be an avenue to partner with larger technology firm to roll this out even further.

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