We want to take demolishing site building materials out of the landfills and back into new buildings. Bring circular economy to an outdated industry - construction. EU has already issued a 70% quota for reuse/recycling of materials in buildings, however the "reuse" part is mostly ignored.

MaterialMapper forecasting tool aggregates unstructured building material data from municipality registers, structures them in a readable format and presents to the user.

Accesing data via APIs to the government database of Denmark, manually processing the same type (different structure) data from the Norwegian municipality databases and feeding into the aggregator.

Need an experienced computer scientist with experience in AI/ML, who can help us build the product. Lack of technical knowledge.

Within just 2 weeks of work, we got 3 signed Letters Of Intent for collaboration and a paid pilot - including one from NIRAS for Denmark, Norway and Sweden (leading consultancy company in Scandinavia with 2300 consultants).

It is hard to take a project further for a hipster and a hustler, without a great hacker on team.

Finding the right person to help us take our idea to the prototype/pilot stage, hopefully here!  If you are passionate for reinventing the construction business, while saving our planet from sinking in trash - AND happen to be a skilled fullstack dev with some knowledge of AI and ML who can help us build a prototype (API access to the big data pool available already), then please do join! :)

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