The story behind Mayday

After the beginning of the Coronavirus Outbreak in Madagascar, a group of young activists organized an online hackathon  Hackoragnavirus to bring together all the bright ideas from all over the world.

Mayday (originally Covid-19 Tracker) is a project led by a team of DevOps, PR students, communication professionals from Madagascar. Mayday, formely known as Covid-19 Tracker, has won 3rd prize as well as the People’s Choice award during this local online Hackhathon.

What does Mayday do ?

During the Coronavirus crisis, Mayday will present 3 core features, but the signaling features could be used for any other environmental or health crisis.

Users will be able to do a self-assessment of their health status ( whether the symptoms they have been experiencing express risks of contamination ).  Once the assessment reveals there is a risk, users can send their exact location to the health authorities to reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus on their way to the testing centers.  All signals sent will be mapped out to allow authorities to plan all interventions strategically.

How we built it

For the self-assessment feature, we started by talking to health professionals to identify the symptoms that need to be compiled by the AI. The AI processes the data collected and gives a score of COVID-19 contamination risk.  If the risk score is high, the user can then send a voluntary signal to health professionals using the app or USSD for non-android users.  On health professionals and authorities interface, a map will show all signals sent with the risk scores, using Openstreetmap. This score will be used to plan interventions more strategically, allowing to test the users without them having to leave their homes and risk contaminating others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud that this application has won 3rd prize and the People’s Choice award.

What we learned

One of the main thing that we have learned is definitely time management and how to work collaboratively while being in social distancing.

What's next for Mayday ?

At the moment, we are looking forward to this Global Hack Crisis to work on the Articificial Intelligence and learn from sharing and working with a group of passionate people from all over the world.



angular.js, leafletjs, node.js, openstreetmap, php, postgis, postgresql, python, tensorflow

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