On Friday afternoon our team started with nothing but a vision: We wanted to find a way to investigate the effects of the governmental restrictions on mental health. The solution we propose should further be realistic and easy to implement.

Challenge 120 proposed by the BAG looks for a new way to measure the psychological effects and thus perfectly matches our vision. Our group identified two key problems:

-Which channel is the best to reach a significant number of participants for a study on psychological health (short: How to ask)?

-Which data must be acquired in order to investigate the research field (short: What to ask)?

Within the following 48 hours we focused on evaluating an optimal channel as stated in the first problem. Several channels including social media platforms, own apps, call-center surveys and many more were analysed in a product development process. In our structured process inspired by design thinking we generated six personas to identify target customers. In a systematic analysis using a morphological box, we then analysed the channels based on the criteria ease of use, data-security, novelty, trust by the user and diversity in the user group.  Our analysis concluded that the extension of an existing mobile application AlertSwiss is the best choice to find participants for surveys. With its high data-security and the 570’000 users in Switzerland it is way more attractive than social media and the development of an own platform. The development of a holistic concept then included the development of a customer experience approach. The customer journey is explored and has been optimized to motivate the user to voluntarily take part in the surveys. Further a solution to not divert AlertSwiss from its intended use has been found, namely by implementing the optional crisis-mode. Furthermore, a design mockup has been generated with an UX strategy.

If you are interested in our project, feel free to comment below, and we will be happy to provide you with additional information!


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