Medidata is a multi-part application built with Google Scripts to support communication from doctors to patients to give medicine while diminishing the risk of contracting COVID-19.  You Can View Our Project Here


The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has affected many people internationally and in many countries, like the United States of America, its rampage has just begun. The most affected are doctors; they fight against this virus on the frontlines, unfortunately bringing them into contact with the virus repeatedly. Therefore, our team aims to confront this problem at its root and eliminate as much direct patient-doctor interaction as possible.

What it does

Medidata has two primary components: the doctor server-side and the patient-user interface. The doctor is given a secure platform to hold patient information, which is Google Sheets in the example. This server also contains a patient ID.

On the patient side, there is an option to enter the ID and request user data. For the purposes of this example, there is no security, but a completed product would have a secure encryption system. The patient receives medical information, including their prescriptions and pictures for assistance. Finally, there is a system to upload an image and send an image back to the doctor. This makes communication faster and more transparent, as a doctor name or external system is no longer necessary.

How I built it

The project was built in Google Sheets and Google Sites using Google App Script. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used for the user interface.

What's next for Medidata

Medidata helped us learn more about the entire COVID-19 situation and the fear that doctors treating afflicted patients constantly live in, and we hope our project can direct the creation of some new technology. Future plans for the Medidata platform include enhanced security and a better user interface, along with several other improvements mentioned in the video.

Thank you for taking the time to view our project and we hope you can support our efforts to take a stand against the novel coronavirus.

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