Help medical institution as much lives as they can by having the right equipment at the right ime

What it does

Medical institutions Creating Offers and Demands that can be met by other parties with a matching algorithm

How we built it:

  • Using the MEAN Stack
  • Angular + CoreUI in the frontend
  • NestJS in the backend
  • MongoDB Atlas as a database
  • Creating Client API with swagger ⇒ code sharing using library + monorepo;  git; vscode live share - collaborative coding; live coding stream

Challenges we ran into:

  • Too complex project ideas in the beginning
  • Feasibility & complexity with GeoData

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Made it lean again
  • Made a working prototype as MVP

What we learned:

Virtual pair programming Collaborative coding Medical Data Sharing Standards - FAHIR

What's next for mediqou:

  • Build up a scalable solution
  • Develop a Business Model around it
  • Quality-of-Life features, e.g. notifications by e-Mail, Live Reload (user authentication)

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angular.js, mongodb, node.js, stitch, swagger

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