In the realities of the world, the problems of the COVID-19 pandemic (or other recurrent viral outbreaks), the constant growth of chronic diseases, the under-provision of some regions with medical treatment, the lack of qualified specialists and the problems of high prices for qualified medical services are very important.

What it does

MEDUSSA is  a medical startup project to create a  remote system of online diagnostic,  a model range of medical devices + AI tecnologys which contain in the online infrastructure for patient interaction with doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies.  The main part of the project is the system of remote online diagnostics, pharmaceutical e-commerce and analyze of medical bigdata.

How I built it

The project began in 2018 on the initiative of co-founder Dmitriy Kovganich, who has been allocated funds to develop the first MEDUSSA HUB prototype to finance the development of the software part of the platform, work out market development hypotheses and search for potential investors, but at that time did not attract developmental investment on the Ukrainian market. Which stopped the project for a while with insufficient funding for the project. In mid-2019, the idea of ​​a complete diagnostic device based on the MEDUSSA platform was renewed. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, and its rapid spread throughout the world, they began to accelerate their development, understanding the possibilities of shrinkage to reduce the effects of the virus.

Challenges I ran into

The unpreparedness of Ukraine's online medical infrastructure (the country it started developing) to integrate with commercial telemedicine entities, and the imperfection of legislation to fully integrate remote telemedicine systems for patients, as a consequence, are possible barriers to the full-fledged idea of ​​telemedicine.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are currently developing a secure video stream system and are working on combining multiple information streams of medical data transmission during remote patient diagnosis.

What I learned

I learned that developing of sturtups project is more difficult than ordinary business) But we can do more for the world! And we`ll try to do it!

What's next for MEDUSSA

Developing of central MEDUSSA HUB - central unite base, and own line of medical IoT devices

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firebase, ionic, javascript, node.js, typescript, unix(debian), webrtc

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