This is an Android App developed to keep Track of People's we are meeting in our day to day lives during this National Health Emergency issued by WHO. At this moment we are aware of the symptoms and how is the behavior of Corona Virus. It start showing symptoms and affecting person after 15 days. But what if the individual was in contact with number of friends, family members, office mates etc. There is a chance they are affected too. If any individual test for positive after that moment we start tracing for the history of the person he has meet within last few days. It would be great if people start using this app till this corona outbreak is over. We will have immediate history of affected individual. It will save time, other resources too.

We have built this app with Android Studio. We have keep as minimal steps for user and simple UI. Anyone with this app would be able to enter date and meeting history which includes (person name, contact, reason, time, address).

We were highly confused to provide some Cloud or not too gather data. But due to less time and urgency we have decided to keep that data local with that person only.

We are proud to developed this app which will be useful if used by everyone. Time, energy, resources will be saved and lots of lives will be saved.

We have learned to think immediate solutions for the use of Community during the crises.

We will provide Cloud Backend for gathering data. So that analysis could be started. How fast, in which area, etc the virus is spreading so that we can take actions globally analyzing the data at one place.

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android-studio, firebase

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