• Upfront Pricing/Transparency in pricing is an important concern for the customers in automobile care & sanitizing sector.
  • Unreliable service/Quality of service leave you disconnected from the appropriate sanitizing & care tool.
  • Time spends at a manual system to service or care the vehicle; Time Taken to book a service.
  • Roadside/Onsite assistance not available on requests or in remote locations.
  • Unawareness/Confusions about which service to avail.

What it does

  1. Reinventing the vehicle service experience using AI - Mobile app is also used provide real-time updates to customers regarding vehicle diagnostics, live tracking, streaming, repair estimates, payments, and other feedback.
  2. Easy to use App
  3. Trust & Transparency
  4. Strong customer service
  5. Good diagnostic skills
  6. Mekvahan’s warranty
  7. Up-to-Date technology

Combating Covid19

Mekvahan offers this solution at the doorstep of the customer at a very reliable rate. Cleaning removes organic matter, salts, and visible soils, all of which interfere with microbial inactivation. The physical action of scrubbing with detergents and surfactants and rinsing with water removes substantial numbers of microorganisms.


  • Deodorize your vehicle’s interior and Exterior
  • Removes germs and bacteria through sanitization
  • Provides you with a TRULY clean automobile
  • Handy & easily fit in the glove box


  • Bacteria, Mold & Fungus
  • Odours from Your Vehicle’s A/C Unit
  • Chemical, Marijuana and Other Odours!
  • disinfections, kills bacteria, neutralizes odours
  • doesn’t use harsh chemicals, and is eco-friendly!

Mekvahan provides the car-care card to the cab drivers so that they can showcase their car cleanliness to their passengers. Also, we are motivating the car-users to make their car disinfected regularly by using Mekvahan’s disinfectant kit. To stop this disastrous disease, we are motivating people to stay inside their home

How I built it

  • Android Apps
  • AWS Backend services
  • WOWZA streaming engine
  • php/kotlin/sql

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Recognized by Agnii-India�Our Product got recognized by Agnii as top innovative Startups of India.
  • Incubated & Funded at AIACTR-IRF�Delhi Government provided us funds & Incubation Support (Including office Space with all facilities, and mentorships
  • Winner at startup conclave�Winner at "Gyanotsav 2018" New Delhi

What's next for Mekvahan

  • Mekvahan IOS App Launch
  • Lead generation scaleup
  • 50000+ customer base
  • 200+ authorized Workshops
  • Mekvahan Mall
  • Doorstep automobile service establishment
  • All in one App for Complete automobile service experience (Vehicle Customization, On demand service)




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