In an era of physical distancing, many families are unable to host and attend traditional funeral services, limiting their ability to collectively mourn passed loved ones. uses the Zoom API to help families and friends come together to reflect on their shared experiences, connection, and enduring love.

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What it does

Allows users to organize and host a virtual memorial service using the Zoom API.

Allows users to:

  • schedule a memorial ceremony
  • create an agenda and denote speakers
  • write and publish an obituary
  • create a slideshow to show during the service
  • invite friends and family by adding email addresses
  • upload photos and recognize medical heroes who cared for the loved one as a patient
  • join and watch/participate in a service that they have been invited to

The application manages email invitations, creates a Zoom meeting with appropriate permissions, and allows for publishing a video after completion.

How I built it

Developed web application using Azure app services, node.js, MySQL database and the Zoom API.

Challenges we ran into

Azure was not allowing provision of SQL databases due to capacity issues issue

What I learned

Many funeral homes are experimenting with how accommodate virtual options for attendance. Those equipped with streaming capabilities still typically run the ceremony physically from the funeral home with a smaller group of friends and family. This does not typically allow for active participation by remote speakers. Integration with the Zoom platform allows for broader participation and togetherness than video broadcasts from a central location.

What's next for Virtual funerals in age of social distance

Depending on feedback and demand, the next step would be to scale the service to accommodate more users.

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mysql, node.js, zoom

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