The COVID-19 has started a global financial crisis and left many people unemployed and businesses at the risk of bankruptcy - Everywhere- from small places like Ebeltoft to Capitals like Copenhagen, Oslo, Washington DC, Islamabad and Malé. We are all in this together- that’s why we have called the Danish community for a MentorDugnad. Dugnad is a Norwegian word for coming together as a community to help, volunteer work, usually by practical chores. However we are moving the spirit of Dugnad digital. We know that many skilled and experienced people want to help! Just this weekend, we have secured over 10 mentors, from across the world. Who are outside the Hack.

The situation

And the global economy can not avoid it People will lose their jobs Families will need to dramatically adjust spending Our future is unclear Almost no industry is secure Even though many of us love to travel and attend and connect at conferences, nationally and globally, we have to face the fact that we might have to wait years to be able to connect physically again.

The solution

Our MentorDugnad platform will be the place to keep developing and hacking for a better future.  By moving the the mentors online- we can easy reach startups, smb’s and others in smaller communities. Maybe COVID-19 crises and social distancing can help the Danish Startups Scene; entrepreneurs, small businesses- connecting throughout the whole country. During this Crisis the platform MentorDugnad offers 1-1 mentoring with experienced mentors locally- but we aim to be a global platform. We want to help entrepreneurs to respond to the situation instead of reacting which causes to loose the trust of their employees and further damaging the company. With good mentoring from experienced mentors.

Go to market strategy

As soon as the platform is ready- we have secured the web -page we will offer the mentors attending all the HacktheCrises Hackathons to register- and off course the people who have attended. This can also help us keep the connections for the future- and hopefully be able to arrange a Hackathon physically with the attendees- in the near future! For other Mentors we will invite everyone to invite 10 mentors they vouch for to register. To be a part of this Dugnad. We can learn from the virus- and grow exponentially. The same with the people who need guidance. And Mentors can also ask other mentors for help.


We hope to win this Hackathon, so we can finish the platform. This is a bootstrap project. But we are looking for large tech companies to become sponsors. Locally- in each country- the Support apparatus can support with grants and public mentors. Innovation Norway liked the concept.

Future - next face

After we have the mentors and entrepreneurs we want to expand to help the companies can to share work forces temporary by exchanging employees from a companies that doesn’t require manpower to companies that need manpower and help people who have lost their jobs to up skill by finding the right course and assisting them till they find a remote job. A network of experts who are specialized to give mentorship during a crisis to reduce the impact of loss. By use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to find on demand skills and strategies.

How I built it / next technologies to be implemented

Bootstrap / Laravel

Challenges I ran into

Slow Internet and time difference in the Maldives and Europe.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Idea validation - Many mentors I have talked to like the idea as it makes more accessible to give advise to people who needs it directly.

What I learned

Commitment improves the prototype ;)

What's next for MentorDugnad

  • winning the Hackathon!

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