The problem Mia solves

Contact tracing is an important solution of all measures required to relax the lockdowns and keep the spread of the virus under control. Bluetooth proximity tracking and manual tracing by health officials over the phone solve this partially. More is needed to ensure coverage of all infectees and speed of quarantine. Citizens are not nudged to take matters into their own hands.

What is Mia?

Mia is a chatbot that will prepare you in case of a COVID-19 infection: trace the people you were in contact with and notify them with appropriate advice.

  • Memory recall techniques : psychological trigger questions and digital data, utilized to boost recollection.
  • Anonymous usage: avoiding social stigma through possibility of anonymous warning.
  • Fast impact: optimised for quick completion and impact starts at the first user
  • Configurable recommendations : offer different recommendation based on diagnose and/or contact type.
  • Plug & play solution: Mia can easily be integrated into other digital applications.
  • Privacy by design: decentralized approach, data is only stored client-side.
  • Citizen-centric: let citizens take matters into own hands, without overloading health officials.

How we built it

The prototype for Mia is a React web application that's built with Node.js and conversational-form from space10.

Steps to run it locally:

  1. git clone && cd mia-web
  2. npm install Will install all dependencies
  3. npm start Will build the app and start a local development server

What have we done over the weekend

We redid our presentation, website, and prototype and validated the idea with experts.

What’s next for Mia

  • Coordinate with Swiss FOPH & FMH distribution with test delivery, hospitals, chatbot integrations and diagnosis.
  • Develop mobile app integrating contacts, geolocation (Pilgrim SDK), SwissID for governance and proximity tracking (NextStep SDK).
  • Validating with user tests, getting feedback from experts
  • Apply for funding (,, etc.).
  • Enhance chatbot with AI (NLP Transformers, Image Processing)

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