The Covid 19 is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people globally and may effect several more in the coming weeks and months.

Covid 19 is changing life as we know it.  Minimizing the humanitarian cost of this pandemic and effectively solving the challenges posed by COVID-19 needs to be the top priority however, at Mitra, we believe that each of us have an obligation do our part to also minimize the growing impact to the global economy.

This is a highly complex, uncertain, and fast moving situation, and we believe Innovation should move as Rapidly.

Due to Covid 19 epidemic, one of the major issues being faced by people is their inability to buy essential commodities due to closed stores and restrictions on getting out into the streets. Local businesses on the other hand are facing financial burden due to lack of customers. This is where MiliE (Mitra Life Essentials) comes into picture, forming a bridge between customers, local stores, utility providers and financial institutes to bring relative normalcy to the life.

What it does

MiliE is a multi device compatible mobile application which provides features for consumers to order goods on-line,  local merchants to make a sale and delivery companies to deliver them to the doorstep. To facilitate financial transactions, it also connects banks, insurance providers and other financial institutes to the equation. MiliE platform allows all users (Consumers, Merchants and Service Providers) to link their bank accounts directly to the application and facilitate end-to-end cashless transactions.

On top of that, users also can top up their accounts, pay utility bills and donate to charity programs using MiliE application without breaking social isolation rules.

How we built it

MiliE front end is built with Flutter to be cross platform compatible while retaining native application agility and speed. Spring Boot based backend brings all the benefits of microservices architecture without the development complexities associated with it. Then we added WSO2, the world class middleware platform to orchestrate the whole solution with enterprise level scalability and performance.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we might face

  1. Improve awareness and on-boarding local shops to the system
  2. Compliance issues with financial organizations
  3. On-boarding a solid delivery crew and integrate in to their systems

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we were able to come up with a solution using existing technologies to address the current real-life crisis situation. This solution will address local stores and delivery service providers while fulfilling critical needs of the socially isolated general public.

What we learned

While gathering requirements for this application, we learned that most of the businesses use common delivery platforms like Uber and when these services stopped serving due to situations like current Covid 19 epidemic, store don't have a backup or local delivery systems to work with. Little known local delivery service providers are specialized for certain types of deliveries and they need to scale up and adopt to cater this new situation. A simple solution with a short learning curve and flexible integration abilities would help solving this problem in to certain extent.

What's next for MiliE - Mitra Life Essentials

Complete development work of the MVP to make it production ready Deploy the solution in to a selected set of local markets for beta testing Expand the participation in to a wider area for full production deployment

Built with

Flutter Spring Boot WSO2 Keycloak


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