The outbreak of this new corona-virus Covid-19 and the different measures taken by the different governments showed us that one of the most effective one is quickly identifying sick people and their possible contacts. This is one of the main reasons why the mortality rate in South Korea is the lowest in the whole world. Being able to identify quickly potential infected people and put them in quarantine before even any signs of infection are visible are crucial in handling illness with long incubation periods like Covid-19. Some governments decided to go into people's GPS coordinates data, gathered by their mobile operators in order to address this problem. Others decided to urge their population to get GPS bracelets in order to be under constant monitoring. All of these measures violate severely the privacy of the people, the freedom and anonymity. So we in Mimirium came up with a better solution that can also address this issue and resolve it without compromising these basic human rights – Mimirium Anti-Pandemic Private Tracker.

What it does

Mimirium Anti-Pandemic Private Tracker Tracker is an ecosystem of different tools (mobile apps, anonymization and aggregation nodes, web-based interface for medical staff and blockchain) that has one major aim – to track privately without violating GDPR and other privacy legislations users who joined the network and after that in case of a proven infection to execute a computation over this distributed network to identify users who were in the same place at the same time with the infected person within a certain time frame. All users who were in a possible contact with the infected person will receive a message that indicates a possible infection and urges them to go to a medical facility for testing. Tracking people 24/7 with GPS is something that could truly violate their privacy, so in our system users track themselves and keep this data securely encrypted into their own devices. No one else can access this data except them. All computations are done on users’ devices so no raw data is transmitted in the process. Everything is encrypted with end to end and homomorphic encryption in order to keep full privacy and anonymity.

How I built it

Our first part of the system is mobile apps – Android and iOS. Every user can download the app from Google Play or Apple Store and install it on his/her own device. Once the app is installed every user gets his own ID number for future identification by a medical authority. The mobile app begins to store the location of the user by gathering his GPS and time data locally on his own device. The period for this gathering will be up to 21 days. After that old data is deleted. So the app keeps the data only for the last 3 weeks. All data is encrypted and stored in the users‘ devices only. No data is transmitted or stored on servers or gathered by our company. Data can be accessed only by the user or with his permission an encrypted computation can be executed locally on the device. If the computation finds that the user was in a possible contact with another user, identified by medical authorities as an infected, mobile app will trigger a push notification to the user that he must immediately go to a medical facility for testing. Also further information and help will be displayed to that person in the mobile app. Technologies: C#, Xamarin, Angular7, TypeScript, Node.js, C++/WebAssembly Second part of our system is a web-based interface for medical authorities. Through this interface a doctor can trigger a notification for an infected user and start the campaign over the distributed network. This interface will be accessible only for doctors and will not be anonymous. All medical personnel will be verified. They will be responsible for triggering the warnings when they identify a case of a certain disease. They will be also able to see how much possible infected users were identified by the system. They will be able also to manually mark a certain area to be contagious for a certain period which will trigger a campaign too so all users who were in this area in this period will receive a notification.  This web interface is connected to our blockchain smart-contracts and to our aggregation and anonymization nodes. Technologies: C#, .NET Core, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, NginX, Angular7, TypeScript, Node.js Third part of Mimirium Anti-Pandemic Private Tracker is a blockchain based smart-contract system. We have a system of smart contracts, autonomously controlling the data collection (campaigns), the distributed anonymization layer and all data requesters (authorities, health institutions). Using the blockchain and smart contracts allows the system to operate independently from our company and with full transparency. No personal data is ever stored in the blockchain but only the data of the public authorities and health professionals  operating with the system so everyone can validate the authenticity of the campaigns. Technologies: Ethereum, Solidity, JavaScript, Node.js, IPFS Fourth and final part of our system are our anonymization and aggregation nodes. Our aggregation nodes have 3 layers of anonymization that allows us to guarantee a 100% anonymity and full privacy protection. They are responsible to isolate users IPs from the web-based interface system as well as to aggregate the results from the computations into larger chunks in order data to be aggregated and additionally anonymized before it is transmitted back to the web-based interface medical system. Technologies: C#, .NET Core, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Docker We use in our system two of the most advanced cryptographic techniques – zero-knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption which combined with multiparty computation provide 100% anonymity of our users and grant full protection of their privacy and private data.

Challenges I ran into

A lot of heavy-tech technologies that we have to work with and make work them work in a stable system. We had to solve a lot of different problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Participated in several different pitching competitions. Awarded as the best blockchain start-up in Gitex FutureStars 2018 competition in Dubai, Selected as an associated partner for National Statistics Institute of Bulgaria in WPL Trusted Smart Statistics part of ESSnet on BD II of EUROSTAT.

What I learned

You need a great team to acieve great things.

What's next for Mimirium Anti-pandemic Private Tracker

We hope we get the attention of some governments who still respect people's privacy and anonymity.

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