Inspiration The outbreak of Covid 19 only made it clear for us the importance of mental health. As the situation deteriorated and we saw friends and family feeling depressed, anxious and severe loneliness, we felt the need to try and make any steps possible to ease those feelings. According to local official data in my country in 2016 the number of lives taken was 85, while the number of suicides was 235. In the global view. MindDive aims to lower the conventional help seeking ways in the light of new technologies, while keeping the human touch. This platform, which is separated in an APP, a website and a hotline, is for anyone: young and elderly, those who seek psychological attention and emotional support, through talking to our specialists, but also among each other, because nothing heals better than sharing with someone who has the same pain, in a healthy way.

What it does MindDive is a platform that encourages everyone in need of mental help to share their feelings or thoughts, through anonymity, thus removing stigma and make people feel safe and offer constant help. We seek to achieve that through phone calls with specialists, video calls, texts, and group or one-one guided chat (the safe circle).

How I built it Out team was gathered in a rush during the Hackathon: Hack the Crisis in Albania and we only had 48 hours to develop the idea, gather the team and create a prototype app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of We were chosen among 10 top teams and received many praises from mentors and other groups of interest for the idea, the cause it supports, the development in such a short time and the motivation to keep it forward. We managed not only to focus on the innovative side, but also to form a strong collaboration with a group of licensed psychologists working in the state hospital.

What I learned We learned that there is still not enough attention on the mental health issues and we want to change that. Also, we learned to never give up on something we believe in, even when we don't achieve it on the first, second, or the hundredth time.

What's next for Through this Hackathon we are trying to increase awareness about these issues through MindDive and take the project on the next steps, which is establishing the connection between the people in need and the professionals.



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