The greatest contributor of mental illness in is lack of access to mental help. Thousands of people fail to seek mental health because of reasons such as fear of stigma or living in remote areas with no available therapist. However, the most cited reason is complicated Apps and online systems. In this Cyber Age, can psychological and emotional support online be non-intrusive or non-harmful? Our team has created an App to try to achieve this. We hope that our simple to use App will solve this problem especially for people living in remote villages where there are no therapists.

What it does

The App is designed for EU, but it is scalable with a capacity to include Global south countries such as Africa, Indonesia, Middle East, India and Latin America which may have minimal or no access to mental health support.

In addition, emotional support during a crisis can be delivered not only by mental health workers but by other emergency first responders, faith based clergies or teachers known as psychological first aid providers. Globally so many are already trained on the principles of psychological first aid from Non-profit, NGOs, Government agencies or private practitioners. Registration on our App can be done using preferred language spoken.

Our Tech experts are ensuring data protection and encryption policies are adhered, in addition to the anonymous support option using avatar is provided to ensure confidentially concern is not breached. Emotional Support provided on this platform enables many people to get early supportive interventions which promotes resilience, instill hope and coping through active and empathetic listening, stabilization and connectedness to others and resources. This system save lives, time, money and importantly restores relationships and mental health.

How I built it

build for iOS & Android using JavaScript, libraries

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We developed a prototype. Our team has also continued to work professionally and harmoniously, incorporating recommendation from experts to improve the App.

What I learned

Team work

What's next for Listening Space Online

1.Finish developing the App 2.Launch awareness campaign on social media etc. to ensure all stakeholders are engaged appropriately. 3. We are currently in talk with Professional Associations and researchers to collaborate with us to ensure professionalism, ethics and to monitor impact. 4. Register supervisors to register. 5. Develop an easy to use but secure online payment such as Mobile-money or PayPal. 6. Go live

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