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The current videocall solutions are not well-suited for projects where creatives need to collaborate. When working creatively, for instance on film production, you need to be able to be briefed in a larger group whilst also being able to frictionlessly split up into smaller groups. The three costume designers need to have a focussed chat, then exchange some ideas with the set designer and have the designs approved by the director and producers. All this should be preceded by a brief by the directors. With current tools, it is near impossible.

We realised that meaningful and empowering conversations naturally gravitate to groups of 2-5 people. This is when the creative magic happens. In the pre-Covid world, whether you were at a dinner table, a professional networking event or planning the next film production, you spontaneously joined and left conversations with your peers. And although you only spoke to a few people at once, you could always reach out to other circles nearby. You all felt together at one event, even when not talking to everyone present.

In the online world however, videocalls have to prearranged and when you have more than 5 people, it gets difficult to have meaningful exchanges. Usually, one or two people do the talking and the others kind of just wait for their turn. Add poor audio quality and latency, and instead of an engaging get together, you get a tiring experience that's only a frustrating makeshift substitute of real interactions.

What it does

Mingle Video enables users to virtually mingle via videocall. The main feature allows for easy and spontaneous switching between circles of participants. At the same time you can see where everyone else is on overview.

How we built it

Our client is purely web-based, allowing for cross-platform interoperability. We’re using WebRTC for peer-to-peer video streaming, with TURN relay servers as fallback. For user management in real-time and analytics, we employ Google Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge is gaining a good understanding of the mechanics of social interactions we want to facilitate. Then, translating that understanding into an effective and widely culture-agnostic user experience.

Accomplishments we're proud of

Building a working an MVP within days of coming up with the idea.

What's next for Mingle Video

We want to develop as deeply as possible.



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