The Challenge

Supermarkets are the number 1 place where everybody needs to go, even though people are trying their hardest to stay at home. Going to the supermarket is a necessity, and unfortunately, that is a place where a lot of people gather. Therefore, the challenge is to minimise the number of times a person needs to go to the supermarket.

The Idea

On the back-end, what we have done is a food recommendation engine that allows people to reduce the number of visits and the time spent in the supermarket by targeting specific products to buy. The way recipes are recommended is combining what ingredients they have at home with the ingredients they need to buy in order to do the recipes so we reduce their purchasing to the minimum. The way we allocate time-slots is engineered to homogenise the distribution of people spatially and temporally so that we minimise the risk of infection.


Currently, we are making our engine available as a stand-alone web-app, but going forward, we can make it publicly available as an API so other app developers (like COOP DK or Danske Supermarkeder) can integrate our engine into their apps.

  • Our prototype web-app can be found here
  • A user interface prototype is available here

We have conducted an extensive survey and with almost a hundred responses and have solid data demonstrating that most people would be eager to use an app such as ours if it were available. You can take the survey here (we are always looking to improve, so please take the time if you feel inclined).


About the teamThe team consists of three data scientists (Victoria, Pol, and Ignacio), and three technical solutions specialists (Christina, Ida, and Mathias).

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