Whether it is Pandemic, Flooding, Earthquake, crisis or everyday life's challenges there are people in better position (financially/less physical demage, emotionally) and worse position. Those who are in better position may respond faster and in some countries better than official responders. Moreover official responders (policemen, firefighters, ambulance, food delivery) may be overwhelmed by demand. In such situations it would be good idea to use power of society and communities to cooperate and help. Those who are nearby and in better position physically/financially/emotionally may respond. For example I don't mind to buy some extra bread, meat, and other groceries and give it for free to some nearby families who lost the job due to crisis. But the problem is, how can we make easy and simple for people who need support to communicate with nearby people who can provide support?

Our Solution.

We decided to build the messenger which solves the problem. It's just like your any messanger on your phone but +1 screen where you will see messages/posts from people nearby. It allows you to easily and simply communicate with author of this message, as well as cooperate with other people nearby.

Hackathon Objective.

We quickly started developing prototype and implemented basic requirements (navigation, mockup). Media in the attachments. During this hackathon we aim to build core features which will accomplish purpose - deliver the message to relevant people nearby. We are confident that by the end of the hackathon we will have an actual working prototype with real code. After that we aim to proceed to next step - Alpha, Beta Testing. I believe that our service may be useful for society during and after crisis, and i hope with your help we can deliver it to people's hands fast and in the right way.

Our team.

Our team consists of 3 Software Engineers and 1 UI/UX Designer. All of us have been worked  together in one company as one team. We are competent engineers with good experience in our field. You can check our profiles here:
Amir Anvarov - Team Lead, Full-Stack. LinkedIn.  Oleg Voskovich - Full-Stack. LinkedIn.  Ergun Yasar - Front-End LinkedIn. Fakhriddin Olimov - UI/UX Designer. LinkedIn

Chosen Track.

Solidarity in Action. Our product not allows and encourages society & community support & help each other. Therefore, we think this track is most suitable for our mission.

Ps: Sorry for bad English. It's my 3rd language, and i lack of sleep)

Thank you for review. We look forward to give our best in this hackathon!



amazon-web-services, firebase, node.js, react, react-native

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